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We have established a wide network of contacts and facilities to pick-up, store and ship any item safely from all over Europe. 

If you are unable to find desired item from our selection, please contact me and describe your needs. 

We may be able to help with finding, picking up  and shipping your dream item.


Packing and shipping

Vintage items need special care when it comes to shipping. We always pack items very carefully using cardboard and plastic. If possible, we disassemble and assemble items to reduce the risk of damage.



We have now gained years of experience restoring specifically 1960-70s vintage items.

While some items are already in good original condition, others may need repair work or refinishing work.

We have partnered up with Tartu Restoration center to make sure we have the right methods and skills to handle vintage furniture.


We are able to work with you on upholstery options. We have some fabrics on site and we can give you professional advice on selecting good fabrics for each item.


We happily store all items bought from us for free for up to 2 weeks. If you are in the middle of renovation project and want us to hold item for you a bit longer, then let us know. 

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